Alcatraz Light, CA



This lighthouse is the first to be constructed in California.  Work began in 1852 and the light was complete in 1854.  A hand-operated bell was added when it was obvious that heavy fogs were obscuring the lighthouse lights.  Later a horn was added.

Since about 1860, there was a military prison on the island and then a civil prison.  Life must have been interesting on this small island.   The prisons closed down in 1963.  Today, the island and the lighthouse are an interesting tourist attraction.

As a current aid to navigation, she is identified by her flashing white light every five seconds.  She stands 214 feet above sea level and can be seen for 22 miles.

This famous and historic light has a lot of stories to tell and is worth the visit.

Alfred La Banca  Sailor/Artist  Darien, CT



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