Amelia Island Light B, FL



Originally constructed in 1820 at Great Cumberland Island in Georgia, she was moved to the present location in 1838.Amelia Island Light is located at the mouth of the St. Mary’s River right in the middle of a residential area…she is not open to the public and is very difficult to see from the landside…but she stands tall at 107 feet above sea level and shows a white light every ten seconds.  She can be seen for nineteen miles.

Many years ago, on our way north, we sailed into Fernandina Beach while they celebrated their shrimp festival!  We tied up with a shrimp boat for the night and then, about a dozen of us went into town. The mail street was not paved, and traffic was not allowed into the dusty, one-block long town.We had dinner in the only saloon in sight.  A terrific place, with double swinging doors, a sawdust-covered floor and a long bar with brass spittoons.  It was a memorable occasion; the people were terrific, the girls were pretty, the drinks were robust and the shrimp were delicious.


It was a great place to have liberty!

Alfred La Banca   Sailor/Artist   Darien, CT


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