Barnegat Light, NJ


Barnegat Light

Affectionately known as Old Barney!  This one hundred and seventy-two foot lighthouse has become a vital part of the community and the beautiful Jersey Shore.

Lighthouses were built on the shores of Barnegat Inlet since 1824 because of the treacherous waters surrounding the area. In 1857, one Lt. George Gorden Meade began construction of the present light.  The light was commissioned on January 1, 1859.   She was automated in 1927 and served proudly until deactivated in 1944.

As with many lighthouses of that era, the keeper had to carry a large can of kerosene up 217 steps to the top of the tower each day to keep the light burning.  The revolving light was made possible by a grandfather clock arrangement that had to be wound each day.  When a keeper became ill, his wife or children carried on – many wives and children continued in the service after the keeper died.

Alfred La Banca    Sailor/Artist   Darien, CT


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