Bass Harbor Head Light, ME


Bass Harbor Head Light

Mount Desert Island, ME

Built in 1858, this beautiful lighthouse guards the entrance to Bass Harbor and Blue Hill Bay and is located in Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island.  Today, the U.S. Coast Guard continues to use the historic dwellings! 

From her fifty-six foot perch, she is identified by showing an occulting red light every four seconds that can be seen from thirteen miles away.  There was a bell and bell tower . . .last recorded in 1935 and stated that the bell was rung in fog – one dong every ten seconds.  The bell has since been removed, but the towered remains!  The light was automated in 1974.

Like many lighthouses, Bass Harbor Light is sitting on a scenic piece of real estate.  Below, at the waters edge, tidal pools make urchin and starfish hunting very interesting when the tide runs out.  In heavy weather, waves breaking on the jagged rocks make it a spectacular sight.

Bass Harbor Light is open to the public!

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