Boca Grande Light, FL



Port Boca Grande Light - Built in 1890, this popular lighthouse stands guard at the south end of the island and guides mariners into Charlotte Harbor.  This light, like many others,almost ended up on the junk heap.  Fortunately, the community of Boca Grande rallied and they were able to save the lighthouse.

Gasparilla Island, named after a pirate of some notoriety, is a grand place to visit.  With wide streets and centerline commons bordered by Royal Palms, this little village takes one back into the 1950s.   There are very few cars and many villagers use golf carts to get around. The jewel in the crown is the Gasparilla Hotel.  Here, traditions are observed and beautiful memories are born.  

When you see the lighthouse, which is quite different from conventional types, you will be struck by the beauty of the structure and surrounding buildings.  The views are terrific and make for an enjoyable visit!

Her light is forty-one feet above sea level and flashes an oscillating white light every four seconds that can be seen for twelve miles.

Alfred La Banca   Sailor/Artist   Darien, CT


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