Cape Henry Light, VA


Cape Henry Lighthouse (Old & New)

Cape Henry, VA

 Old Cape Henry Light was completed in 1792.  Built as an octagonal shape and designed by John McComb, Jr., this light guided mariners for almost one hundred years – finally replaced by the New Cape Henry Light in 1881!   The new light is only three hundred and fifty feet from the old tower.

New Cape Henry is identified by a white light flashing the Morse code letter U (dot, dot, dash) every twenty seconds and is visible from fifteen nautical miles away - she was automated in 1984.  The tower stands one hundred and sixty-four feet high.

Both lights are located in Fort Story, near Virginia Beach.   And you can drive in and take pictures up close, but the buildings are not open to the public 

If you are in the area, these vanishing castles of America are worth the visit.

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