Cape May Light, NJ


Cape May Light

Cape May, NJ

 The wind it blew from Sou’sou’east,

It was a pleasant breeze

And the man upon the lookout cried:

“A Light upon the lee!”

They reported to the Captain and

These words did he say –

“Cheer up my sailor lads,

T'is the light on old Cape May.

 Author: Unknown

This lighthouse station was established in 1823, but the beautiful tower standing today was built in 1859 . . . it was the third lighthouse to be constructed on Cape May Point.  The first two lighthouses fell to shore erosion!

Cape May Light is still operational and shows a flashing white light every sixteen seconds that can be seen from twenty-four miles away; and she stands a magnificent one hundred and sixty-five feet tall. 

Sailing in from seaward, on a moonless, black night, just sighting the loom of these wonderful sentinels makes you feel a little safer. 

Heading south, I usually try to go through Cape May - always paying my respects to this vanishing castle of America.  In addition, the town of Cape May is a very special place and it's a pleasure to just walk down the streets, seeing so many charming restored Victorian homes.   At Christmas time, the whole town turns into a beautiful winter wonderland.

Don't miss a visit to this lovely place! 

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