Castle Hill Light, RI


Castle Hill Light

Newport, RI

This little gem, built right into the rocks, guides mariners safely into Newport Harbor.  She fits in beautifully with the graceful inns and farms that line the sloping green hillsides leading to Newport.

It is always a pleasant and exciting experience sailing into Newport.  Often, after a regatta in Block Island Sound, we would steer our boat in close to the shoreline flying a colorful spinnaker and "buzz" the sightseeing crowds having lunch on the great lawns.

Occasionally, they would reward us with applause! 

This light was built around 1890, stands forty feet above sea level and can be seen from twelve miles away. She flashes an intermittent red light every six seconds to warn sailors of the treacherous coast.

Also tucked into the rocks, almost out of sight is the Castle Hill Coast Guard Station.

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