Coney Island Light, NY


Coney Island Light

Norton’s Point, Coney Island, NY

Built in 1890, this unique skeletal structure rises up in a residential area of lower Brooklyn overlooking the entrance to New York Harbor.

She was also home to the last civilian lighthouse keeper in the United States – Frank Schubert, who passed on late in 2003.  His is a story that needs to be told.  He was the embodiment of the dedication and courage that was the hallmark of the Lighthouse Keepers Service 

Coney Island Light is identified by her flashing red light every five seconds that can be seen for sixteen miles.  She stands seventy-five feet tall.

When Keeper Schubert was alive he welcomed people to visit and tour the light.  I don’t know what the situation is now – but this great place is worth a drive by and maybe the door will still be open.

Alfred LaBanca

Sailor Artist

Darien, CT


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