Eaton's Neck Light, NY


Eaton’s Neck Lighthouse

Northport, NY

I don’t think there is a sailor on Long Island Sound that is not familiar with Eaton’s Neck Light!

In addition to being home to a very busy Coast Guard Station, there is a beautiful sheltered cove with good holding ground behind the light.  Years ago, you could go ashore to explore, swim and play in the dunes and it was perfect for an old-fashioned clambake. And the nights around the fire were always special!   Sadly, people are no longer allowed on the beach, but it is still a great place to visit!

Eaton’s Neck Light was built in 1798.  She stands 144’ above sea level and shows a fixed white light that can be seen for 17 miles on a clear night.

Eaton’s is right across the Sound from my home in Darien, Connecticut.   At a distance of about seven miles, the light is visible most nights from our side.   But, more importantly, many mariners, on the water at night, rely on the light for a quick position fix.  And in fog, her mighty horn is very comforting!

Alfred LaBanca


Darien, CT


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