Fire Island Light, NY


Fire Island Light

Fire Island, NY

Built in 1858 and abandoned in 1974, Fire Island Light was “saved” from the scrap heap by the Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society in 1984. She is now an official aid to navigation! 

This attractive structure stands one hundred and sixty-eight feet tall and her light can be seen from twenty-three miles away.  She is identified by a white light, flashing every seven seconds. 

Barrier islands are always exquisite places and Fire Island is no exception, especially when viewed from the top of the tower.  No cars allowed, but it is a pleasant mile and a half walk to the light.  There is a gift shop and the guided tour includes a climb to the top.    I believe handicap licenses are permitted to drive up to the light.     

Stories abound that Fire Island got its name because land pirates lit fires on the beach to lure ships into shore, where they would run aground and then be robbed of their cargo.   But it wasn’t just Fire Island that had thieves lurking in the sand dunes! 

Along many coasts, but especially in New England, there was an entire industry built on profiting from wrecked ships, accidental or otherwise.  It was one of the main reasons that lighthouses were built in the first place.

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