Goat Island Light, ME


Goat Island Light

Kennebunkport, ME

This interesting light traces her heritage back to 1834!  She is perfectly situated to guide mariners into the beautiful, sheltered Cape Porpoise Harbor.  Incidentally, Captain John Smith named it Cape Porpoise after seeing a school of porpoise swimming nearby.  The present tower was built around 1880.

Apparently, the keepers of this Light were a very brave and hearty bunch; records indicate that from 1865 to 1920, there were over 46 wrecks in that area, and not one death.  Quite a tribute to the men and women of the lighthouse service! 

Goat Island Light flashes a white light every six seconds that can be seen for twelve miles.  Her light is thirty-eight feet (ASL) and she also sports a very necessary foghorn, (one blast every fifteen seconds).

The lighthouse was also used as a radar station while President Bush (Sr.) vacationed in Kennebunkport.

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