Great Captain's Light A, CT


Great Captain Island

Greenwich, CT

Built in 1829 for about $3000, this “church style” lighthouse helped light the way for the busy boat traffic going east and west on Long Island Sound.  Sort of like a lamppost by the side of a road.

The light stands 65’ high and shows an alternating white and red light every 12 seconds.  She can be seen for twelve nautical miles.  Because of all the dangerous fog on the Sound, the light was fitted with a fog whistle.  But the sound was too weak and it was changed to a siren.   However, the high shrill of the siren really annoyed the nearby residents and so they changed it again; to a regular horn.

Great Captain Island is situated alongside, and to the west of Little Captain Island.  These are a couple of very attractive islands, with beaches and good anchorage.  Greenwich residents can take a ferry to the island but many boaters also make good use of this special place!

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