Hillsboro Light, FL


Hillsboro Inlet Light

Hillsboro Beach, FL

Originally proposed in 1851, this popular light did not become active until 1907. 

Surviving more than her share of hurricanes over the years, many almost destroying her, she endures, on station, reaching out to sailors that need her help!      

Standing tall at one hundred and thirty-six feet, this “Vanishing castle of America” comforts sailors in the dead of night who look for her flashing white light, every twenty seconds, from twenty-five miles away.   To a navigator, it is always a feeling of accomplishment to search for, and finally see the loom of a lighthouse from the uncertain darkness of the sea at night! 

Back in the twenties and thirties, Hillsboro Light with its isolated inlet was a very attractive landing place for drug smugglers and rumrunners who used the light to guide them through the treacherous shoals.  Today, seemingly taken for granted, this old gal is still vital to shipping traffic that we can’t even see from shore.  During the day, her tower is a quick identifier, helping mariners confirm their position from offshore!

Hillsboro Light is not open to the public and is best viewed from across the inlet where there is good parking and a nice picnic area!

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