Huntington/Lloyd Harbor Lighthouse, NY


Huntington/Lloyd Harbor Light

Huntington, NY

In 1857, a lighthouse was built on Lloyd’s Neck to guide shipping into Lloyd Harbor, but it was destroyed by fire.  In 1912, this lighthouse was built inside the inner harbor to show the way into both Huntington Harbor and Lloyd’s Harbor to the west.

This unusual lighthouse looks more like a castle than a lighthouse!   It is built on a pile of rocks just outside the red and green channel markers that take you past a spit of land and into Huntington Harbor; a true boating community – with boat yards, marinas, yacht clubs, city docks and lots of boats!   Inside, almost to the end of the harbor, on your port hand, there is a fine restaurant on the water with easy docking/parking, called CoCo’s!    

Huntington Harbor Light is forty-two feet high and flashes a white light every six seconds that can be seen for nine miles and she has a horn!

In 1967, the Coast Guard automated the light and the buildings left empty -  inviting a period of vandalism and decay.  In 1983, the Coast Guard was ready to tear everything down and replace the lighthouse with a skeletal tower.   But, an outfit called Save Huntington’s Lighthouse stepped in and took over the job of restoring the light.  They did a great job, but they have a way to go and can use all the help they can get.

The lighthouse is only accessible by boat, but if you can get out there, it’s worth the trip!

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