Mobile Middle Bay Light, AL


Mobile Middle Bay Light

Mobile Bay, AL

Built in 1885, this hexagonal shaped building was erected on stilts in the middle of Mobile Bay to guide and protect shipping. 

She stands fifty-four feet high and is identified by a flashing red light every six seconds that can be seen from four miles away.

One anecdote of interest:  Life in the Lighthouse Keepers Service was not easy . . .and often required simple solutions to complex problems.  A Keepers wife gave birth to a healthy baby . . .but was having trouble with breast-feeding.  Without refrigeration and isolated in the middle of the Bay, this presented a great dilemma.  Undaunted, the Keeper brought a cow out to the light and tethered her on the deck.  All survived the incident including the cow . . . but all were evacuated before the severe hurricane of 1916.

Restoration of this light is an ongoing affair and she is worth the boat ride out to see her!

Al LaBanca    Sailor/Artist   Darien, CT 


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