Montauk Light, NY


Montauk Point Lighthouse

Montauk Point, NY

This is one very special light!

All at once, it is awesome, majestic and powerful, in a gentle giant sort of way. And, as you raise your eyes to follow her lines, seemingly into the clouds, you can't help but be filled with admiration and pride, for this grand old lady.

Standing proudly, 168 feet above sea level and flashing a revolving white light every five seconds, this beauty, with her unusual reddish/brown band, can be seen from twenty-four miles away.

Sailing in from Bermuda, the sight of Montauk Light from seaward, was filled with mixed emotions. We were happy to see the light, after a five-day voyage, but at the same time, we were sorry that our small adventure was coming to an end.

President George Washington approved the construction of this light in 1792.   New York City architect, John McComb, Jr. built and completed it around 1796.

As with so many other beautiful lighthouses, Montauk Light was slated for destruction by the US Government.  The structure would have been torn down and replaced with a light on a tower.  But, it was saved, because of the pains of so many gallant people, who united and contributed time and money to save her.

We, and generations yet to come, have, and will benefit because of their heroic efforts.

Today, Montauk Lighthouse remains an active light and is privately maintained. It is open to the public and tours are available. There is also a museum with some great exhibits.

Alfred F. La Banca    Sailor/Artist   Darien, CT




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