Mystic Light, CT


Mystic Seaport Light

Mystic, CT

If you want to step back in time, you should visit this lighthouse and experience Mystic Seaport! 

This light sits on a quay, up-river from Long Island Sound.   Tall ships surround her.  There are square-riggers, whaling ships and even a seacoast village.  There are blacksmith shops, sailmakers and candlestick makers.  In addition, there is a planetarium, an art gallery and a well-provisioned gift shop.

Many people drive, but we went in by boat and tied up right near the light.

It was a great place to be!

Some trivia: The New York Yacht Club maintained a station here until 1999; when the building was loaded on to a barge and sailed up to the club’s summer quarters in Newport!

Alfred LaBanca   Sailor/Artist    Darien, CT 



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