Peck Ledge Light, CT


Peck Ledge Light

Norwalk, CT

Commissioned for operations in 1906, this spark plug design lighthouse has three stories of living space built-in for a Keeper and an assistant . . .but I suspect it was somewhat tight!

Located between Cockenoe Island and the Norwalk Islands and sitting on top of Peck Ledge, this active aid to navigation still guides mariners through the narrow and treacherous channel leading into Norwalk Harbor.  I cannot help thinking about how difficult it must have been to get food and fuel to this light . . .it’s at least a couple of miles to shore; but lighthouse Keepers were a special, dedicated, brave bunch that fill our memory books with so many acts of heroism and positive examples of perseverance!

Peck Ledge Light stands sixty-one feet tall and is identified by flashing a green light every two and one half seconds that is visible for seven miles.  Her foghorn was removed some years ago!

Suffering the same fate as a great many lighthouses, she fell prey to vandals and birds.  I don’t know who gets the credit for the much needed repair job . . .  but the windows are fixed, doors are secure and the birds have moved out.   Finally, she got a beautiful paint job and looks terrific!

Al LaBanca     Sailor/Artist     Darien, CT



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