Statue of Liberty Light, NY


Lady Liberty Lighthouse

Statue of Liberty

Liberty Island, New York

It usually comes as a big surprise to most Americans that our Statue of Liberty was once an operating lighthouse.

She was commissioned as a lighthouse in 1896 and was decommissioned in 1902.  Her torch is three hundred and five feet above sea level and beckons ships and people alike. 

She served proudly, but her light could not be made bright enough to be effective in the busy inner New York Harbor.  The many lights of ships and buildings obscured the fixed white light in her torch and the US Lighthouse Board, after a number of unsuccessful attempts to upgrade the light, elected to remove her from the lighthouse role. 

This beautiful lady is located on Liberty Island formerly known as Bedloe’s Island.

Definitely worth a visit!

Alfred LaBanca    Sailor/Artist    Darien, CT


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